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This is Clara Chía's song to Shakira

A TV show has done the version in response to the Colombian's 'Session 53'. February 15, 2023 at 17:21 by Leonor Vallés
The song of Party made as if she were Clara Chia | Telecinco

Since Shakira launched his song with Bizarrapthe Session 53The whole of Spain has not stopped talking about the singer, her subject and those to whom it is addressed: Gerard Piquéthe artist's ex, and Clara Chiathe footballer's current girlfriend. A television programme, in fact, has even brought out what would be the answer to the famous session.

A few days after Shakira and Piqué's break-up was announced, Clara Chía's name appeared in the media. She was the footballer's current girlfriend, with whom he had been unfaithful to the Colombian. Since then, she has become an essential part of this story of heartbreak.

And if she was already in the spotlight then, when Shakira brought up the session and "clearly" referred to her, it was even more so. Although the young woman has always preferred to remain silent and not enter into the controversy, thus avoiding getting involved in the controversy and the media world.

So, as the young Catalan has not yet spoken, the programme Party has decided to do it for her. With nothing more and nothing less than a song in response to Shakira's Session 53, with different lyrics but the same music.

Here we leave you the letter of the song:

Sorry, I picked up another mood

I can't do it like this, I don't want another song

I am in the process of adaptation

And when I got over it, you jumped out of the balcony.

Sorry, Shaki, I bought the Casio a long time ago.

If a she-wolf like you is not for beginners

A kid like me can't take your attitude any more.

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

I feel the magnitude, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

He plays in another league and that is why he is with Clara Chía,

uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh

We both love jam but it has been out of date for days,

I never mess with you even if you sing to me or dedicate to me,

I didn't know it was so inspiring for you.

Sorry, Piqué and I are the mo-da couple.

You left us with the witch in sight, with magazine covers and the song on the charts,

The business that you have done with all this break-up, your waka-waka doesn't profit you and with me it does.

You have a reputation as a good singer,

And this letter, it's going to be your condemnation,

Don't name me, I'm not what you make me out to be,

I'm getting tired and I can't take your attitude any more,

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Ah, oh, oh, oh, oh

If he pays the tax authorities, he is left with nothing,

Shaki, come on, come DE- CLARA

I am pure elegance by your side

And the Twingo is a fallacy

I tell you sincerely

Put rivalry aside

I'm having a terrible time

And they don't know what to invent anymore

With an advertising panel

I'm speeding up, oh what a rush

Oh, so many great songs

But work on jealousy a little bit too

Photos where I can be seen

I do feel like a hostage

Fine by me

Pique laughs

And I can only laugh with him.

That's it, adieu!

Shakira and Bizarrap make history

There is no doubt that, regardless of whether you are in favour of one or the other, the strip that Shakira released a few weeks ago with Bizarrap is now music history. Within hours of its release, it became a hit, reaching number 1 in Spain, and was even on the verge of the all-time top 10.