Listen to your Music Radio Stations on DAB+

Music Stations already broadcasts on the first thematic digital radio channel in Spain, which operates in different cities through our provider TelTower.

  • In Valencia and Castelló, in the canal 8D of DAB+. With coverage along the entire coastline up to the north of Alicante.
  • In the Region of Murcia y Elx, in the channel 9A of DAB+.
  • At Madrid in the channel 8B of DAB+.

We are ahead of the future of radio so you can listen to all our stations on your tuner. DAB+with a sound quality and coverage hitherto unknown in our country, putting the entire radio sector in Spain at the forefront in Europe.

Digital radio, without interference and with the best sound quality, tunable from Castellón to the Marina Alta (Alicante), including Sueca, Cullera, Gandia, Dénia: the entire coastline and also inland regions of the Valencian Community on channel 8D. In the Region of Murcia and Elx and surrounding areas on channel 9A. And in Madrid on channel 8B. A pioneering initiative in Spain that places our stations among the most innovative in Europe.

Activa FM, MuyBuena, Bikini FM, La Flamenca, Esencia FM, La Mega, RockStar, Gold FM, La Indie and Corazón FM.... And so, together with other 16 stations of all music genresThe first commercial digital radio channel on the peninsula.

What do you have to do?

If you have a new car, bought within the last two or three years, just turn on your car radio and select your favourite station on the screen. They will appear automatically. They come in all genres and styles: international pop, latin pop, dance and remember, odies, reggaeton, flamenco and rock.

Y if you have a manual DAB+ tunerJust search for channel 8D, 9A, 8B, or TelTower, and all the stations will appear.

Unprecedented innovation

The multiplex in Valencia and Castellón operated by TelTower, the leading digital telecommunications company in the Valencia region, has become the first digital radio channel in the Mediterranean and the strongest in the peninsula. It is joined by channel 9A in the Region of Murcia and Elx, and channel 8B in Madrid, with the same products.

It is the first to use OBD+ technology, dominant in most newly manufactured cars and found in vehicles less than 3 years old. We are also pioneers in using metadata technologies so you can view artist and programme information.

This new system allows up to twenty radio stations to broadcast on a single channel. With traditional FM or medium wave technology, only one product was broadcast on each channel. A clear analogy can be drawn with the switch from analogue television broadcasting to DTT.

Better sound quality

The new digital broadcasting system allows us to broadcast in a quality never imagined before. Currently, in order to save bandwidth and to provide you with a more stable signal, we have chosen to broadcast in AAC+ stereo format.

DAB digital system versus DAB+

The multiplex of TelTower has opted for DAB+ technology as opposed to the DAB system already existing in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona. Its high standardisation in large European cities, the possibility of integrating multimedia elements in the broadcast and its lower bandwidth were some of the determining factors.